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  • Puff-Less Eye Exams
    A comprehensive eye exam involves several tests for eye health and visual clarity. Among the eye health tests is the “puff of air” test to measure your eye pressure looking Read more
  • Healthy Aging and your eyes
    The elderly can experience the same vision problems as others including nearsightedness and farsightedness. There are also disorders associated with the natural aging process. One way to maintain healthy vision Read more
  • Computer Vision
    Can Blue Light Filtering Glasses Help Computer Vision? It happens to us all. We sit down to take a quick glance at social media, then discover we've been scrolling away for Read more
  • Sports Vision
    Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: The Importance of Vision In Sports  As important as good health and fitness are to maintaining an athlete's performance, there is one area that often Read more
  • Children and Glasses
    How Your Optometrist Can Help Your Child There are a lot of things that kids go through as they grow up. Some kids have to deal with having poor eyesight or Read more
  • Dangers of Blue Light
    Visit Our Katy, TX Optometrist for a Regular Evaluation If you regularly use digital devices that emit blue light as part of your workday and your recreational time, there's a chance Read more
  • Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment
    Do You Have Computer Vision? What to Know About the Dangers of Blue Light Are you reading this on a smartphone? What about a tablet or computer? In any case, you're Read more

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