Spots in your vision are known as eye floaters. They may appear as gray, or black specks, or even cobwebs, or strings. When you move your eyes they may drift or appear to move away when trying to look at them directly. They normally occur with age-related changes. However, you should contact an optometrist if you notice a significant increase in eye floaters. An eye exam may be needed which we can perform here at M-Eye Vision in Katy TX.


Causes & Symptoms

There are a few possible causes of eye floaters such as:

  • Inflammation in the back of the eye
  • Age-related eye changes
  • Bleeding within the eye
  • Torn retina
  • Eye medications and eye surgeries

Symptoms of eye floaters include:

  • Spots that move as you move your eyes
  • Shapes that are small within your vision that appear as dark specks or floating material
  • Strings of small shapes that drift out of your vision

When Should I Contact a Doctor?

If you begin to notice more eye floaters than usual, or you begin to see a sudden onset of new floaters you should contact an eye specialist right away. You should also contact a doctor if you notice darkness on any side of your vision or flashes of light in the same eye that you experience the floaters.

Risk Factors   

There are a few factors that may increase your risk of developing floaters such as:

  • Trauma to the eye
  • Cataract surgery complications
  • Nearsightedness
  • Over the age of 50
  • Inflammation of the eye
  • Diabetic retinopathy


Following a complete eye exam to determine the cause of your floaters, a decision will be made on treatment for them. If you have diabetes or inflammation that has resulted in your eye floaters, you will be treated. However, many cases of eye floaters do not require treatment. While they can take some time adjusting to them and become frustrating, they do not tend to lead to any more issues.

Treatment options may include:

  • Vitreous removal surgery: The vitreous is removed and replaced with a solution that will help your eye keep its shape.
  • Laser treatment to disrupt floaters:  A special laser is aimed at the floaters in the vitreous which causes them to break apart and make them appear less noticeable.

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