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Growing up, many people are taught about the importance of preventative medicine and how it can help someone stay healthy. In addition to annual physical exams, it is important for everyone to have routine eye exams as well. Medical eye exams are important for helping someone not only correct vision problems but also keep their vision healthy. The reliable team at M-EYE VISION would like to share some helpful information with everyone in the Katy, TX area regarding the benefits of having a regular eye exam.


Medical Eye Exams are a Chance to Educate Patients

Without a doubt, the medical field has changed significantly over the past few decades. This has led to new diagnosis and treatment options that have given providers and their patients new tools with which they can tackle complex medical problems. Of course, patients need to be educated on the benefits of these new technologies. Having a regular exam allows patients to learn about new technology in contacts, glasses, and even laser eye surgery that might prove beneficial for them and their vision.

A Chance to Catch Problems Before Symptoms Arise

Another major benefit of having a medical eye exam is that it gives doctors a chance to catch problems before they start to cause symptoms. There are numerous diseases that can be caught by a screening exam that would otherwise be missed until they caused serious problems. Unfortunately, by this point, it might be too late. In many cases, the damage done to someone's vision ends up being irreversible. Therefore, make sure to get an eye exam regularly. It is important for screening for dangerous ocular health problems.

An Opportunity to Adjust Prescriptions

Over time, people's eyes are going to change. Therefore, their prescription for their glasses and contacts might need to change as well. Having a regular exam allows the doctor to catch changes in people's vision that they might otherwise have missed. By making sure that the prescription stays accurate, people can remain as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, it might help patients learn about new brands of contacts and new frames for their glasses that they might enjoy!

Visit an Optometrist Regularly for an Eye Exam

These are only a couple of examples of the benefits of having a regular eye exam. Those who are looking for an optometrist in Katy, TX should make sure to give Dr. Han a call with M-EYE VISION. Dr. Han has developed a reputation for placing the needs of the patient first. For this reason, give us a call today at (281) 394-7886 and learn about all of the eyes we can help you and your vision with your eye health concerns!

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