LASIK Co-Management

Your Optometrist and LASIK Co-Management

At M-Eye Vision, Dr. Liching Han and our entire Katy, TX, optometry team offer the best in collaborative care with leading ophthalmologists and surgeons in Katy, Houston, and nearby cities. One of the medical procedures Dr. Han supports is LASIK. Benefits of pre-operative and post-operative LASIK co-management include earlier identification of correctable vision problems and more convenient follow-up care.


What Is the Role of Your Optometrist in LASIK Co-Management?

LASIK is an acronym for "laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis." It is a form of laser eye surgery for reshaping the cornea to change the way it focuses light on the retina at the back of the eye. LASIK can free you from the need for glasses and contacts permanently. It's not a painful procedure for most patients, and you will usually see the changes in your vision as soon as the next day.

LASIK is a procedure performed by medical doctors certified to practice ophthalmology. Your optometrist does not do laser surgery, but your optometrist can play an important role in preparing you for LASIK and for making sure you recover. 

Some ways Dr. Han, your optometrist in Katy, TX, and his team can help you with LASIK include:

  • Making sure LASIK is a good option for you. Some patients will be too young for LASIK. Others will have conditions that are incompatible with LASIK. Dr. Han can confirm that you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery.
  • Helping you find an ophthalmologist to perform your laser eye surgery. Dr. Han maintains professional relationships with local eye surgeons who have treated thousands of patients like you. Dr. Han and his team diligently record your patient history with all the information the surgeon needs to offer you optimal care. 
  • Making sure you get the best of follow-up care after your surgery. You will need to see an eye doctor the day after your LASIK procedure, a week later, a month later, and three months later. With LASIK co-management, you can schedule those follow-up appointments with Dr. Han in Katy rather than with a surgeon in Houston. Having an eye doctor who knows you close by helps you make sure you get all the follow-up care you need on a timely basis.

If You Are Considering LASIK, Talk about LASIK Co-Management with Dr. Han

Dr. Han wants you to get the best of care before, during, and after your LASIK laser eye procedure. Talk with Dr. Han about LASIK co-management to see if it is right for you. Request an appointment by calling us at (281) 394-7886.

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