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Some folks don't know about our prescription sunglasses options. M-EYE Vision carries every type of prescription sunglasses imaginable! This is Texas! You don't need one pair of sunglasses to survive a Texas summer, you need two or three. If you have glasses or you need any sort of vision correction, or help protecting your eyes against the blazing Texas sun, then we have exactly what you need.  Our optometrist, Dr. Han, can check your prescription and then our team can present you with all the options you could ever want. 


What Are Prescription Sunglasses for?

They protect your eyes from the sun while letting you see everything in perfect focus. Instead of having to choose between seeing clearly and not being blinded by the sun, prescription sunglasses allow you to do both with a single pair of eyewear.   

What Kinds of Prescription Sunglasses Are Available?

The first thing to consider is the method of blocking the sun. There are tinted lenses and polarized lenses. Tinted lenses are coated with a translucent covering that obscures part of the light coming through. Polarized lenses utilize microscopic stripes of opaque material alternating with strips that are clear, creating a pattern much like a venetian blind. This cuts the amount of light getting through the lens, but does not affect visual acuity in any appreciable way. Polarized lenses also have the interesting effect of reducing reflections, which can be helpful in the Texas sun.

Graduated and transitional lenses are also available. Graduated lenses have different coverings on different parts of the lenses, like prescription sunglasses that tint the top half of the lens more heavily to block out more light from the sky.  Transitional lenses use photosensitive chemicals to change opacity based on how bright it is around them.  They will turn transparent indoors and darken when they go outside or if you’re faced with a bright light.

All these options are easily combined with any style of frame, sports glasses, or other type of specialty glasses.

Katy's Source for Prescription Eyewear

Dr. Han and our staff at M-EYE Vision are dedicated to providing you with the best eye care. We understand the science of optometry and the realities of life in central Texas, and we will help you get the best glasses for you and your lifestyle. We can also provide detailed prescriptions for those who wish to expand their options online. Contact our office in Katy or visit us today to keep your eyes looking cool in the hot Texas summer. Our number is (281) 394-7886.

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