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Enhance Your Sports Vision in Katy

Your vision when you play sports is critical. If you do not have a full field of vision, it is easy to be injured. Sports vision exams in Katy, TX can be scheduled with our optometrist on site at M-Eye Vision. Dr. Han will be able to talk to you about ways for you to improve your sight, your field of vision, and even help you overcome rid of vision-related headaches.


What is sports vision?

Sports vision is just as important as other components of playing sports, like running fast and being able to lift heavy weights. When your vision skills are at a peak level, it allows you to have the hand-eye coordination that can help you excel.

Your sports vision may not be where you need it to be. As such, it is important to identify where the weaknesses are. It may be that you need glasses, or you need vision training. When you enhance your sports vision, it allows you to improve function and performance. It can be just what you need to gain a competitive edge within the sport that you play.

How can an optometrist help?

An optometrist can help you with your sports vision by conducting a full exam. In addition to checking your sight, Dr. Han will also check your vision as it affects sports performance. The assessment will look at whether you are experiencing double vision or blurred vision. Further, it will look at visual skills including tracking, fixation, and depth perception.

Once it’s known where your visual weaknesses are, it’s easier to address them. There are various exercises that can be performed to help you strengthen certain areas. It may also be necessary to explore:

  • Glasses
  • Computer simulations
  • Vision therapy
  • Surgery

There is no “one size fits all” treatment to help improve your treatment. Often, it will be a series of solutions that are used to reduce the symptoms and ensure you get the lasting results that you are seeking.

The first step is to find out what issues you are experiencing. From there, it will be easier to focus on the problem so you can enhance your game.

Book Your Appointment with Us in Katy Today

Seeing an optometrist to discuss your sports vision needs has never been easier. When you are in Katy, TX or the surrounding area, you can count on M-Eye Vision to help. Dr. Han will be able to assess your vision and discuss custom options that will improve your vision and your overall visual performance.

Call (281) 394-7886 to book your appointment today. We look forward to enhancing your sports vision and helping you to be the peak athlete you strive to be.

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