Pediatric Eye Care

It is often easier to prevent serious problems than to treat them once symptoms are undeniable. The earlier an issue can be diagnosed, the more effectively it can be addressed. This is even more essential with your child’s vision. Children have a more difficult time expressing what they see or how they feel, and even when aware of discomfort or difficulty, often lack the tools to express themselves clearly.


That is why most experts recommend bringing your child in for their first eye exam with a qualified optometrist when they are between six and nine months old. Dr. Han and the M-Eye Vision team are ready to partner with you and your family in laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy vision. We operate in Katy, TX, and we believe in your child’s potential here. We would like to be part of that success.

The Power Of Prevention

Pediatric eye care is not just about whether your child needs glasses. It is largely about preventative care and early treatment. Conditions like amblyopia (“lazy eye”) or strabismus (“crossed eyes”) usually respond well to non-invasive solutions when diagnosed early by a qualified optometrist. It is especially essential to recognize and treat vision issues which could impact your child’s ability to fit in and fulfill their academic potential as they begin going to school with others.

There is nothing wrong with the surface-level exams often done by your family doctor or school nurse, but these are designed to catch only the most severe and obvious conditions, unchecked and manifesting overt symptoms. Your pediatric optometrist would rather ensure that by the time they get there, there is nothing for non-specialists to find. Even seemingly unrelated issues like headaches, a short attention span, or difficulty reproducing simple drawings, can sometimes be the result of undiagnosed vision difficulties.

Your Optometrist Can Help Your Child’s Vision

Your optometrist can help. Dr. Han will evaluate your child’s eye movement and eye teaming skills (the ability of the eyes to work together effectively), measure how comfortably and accurately they’re able to quickly focus on various stimuli and test their visual acuity – the “sharpness” of their vision in various settings. (That is what your optometrist is usually assessing when they ask you to read to them from the letter chart.) She will ask you questions and listen to your concerns. In the unlikely event, more serious issues are uncovered, Dr. Han and her team have the experience, the skills, and the technology to address virtually any eye care need.

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